Dinghy Insurance

Our specialist small craft and sailing dinghy insurance policy offers quality cover at a competitive price. We can insure racing and sailing boats, as well as rowing boats, monohulls and RIBS up to a length of 25 feet.

The sailing insurance policy automatically covers:

  • Loss or damage whilst your sailing vessel is racing
  • Rescue boat liability – cover whilst acting as official rescue/support boat crew or skipper
  • Race fees – for non-refundable fees if unable to attend an entered event after a claim (£150)
  • Personal effects (up to £2,500)
  • Pet medical fees – following an accident on board (£500)
  • Public Liability cover of £3m for sailing dinghies and £5m for all other small craft
  • Personal Accident cover

Our sailing insurance will provide you with cover within the UK and European waters (excluding crossings of the English Channel, Irish & North Seas).

To insure your racing dinghysailing dinghysailing boat, sailboatrow boatskiff, kayak, canoe or paddleboard, request a quote here:


Your vessel will be covered for loss or damage when stored ashore and whilst moored afloat on inland and coastal waters of the UK and Europe, subject to the vessel being moored in accordance with the limits and requirements shown within the policy documentation. No excess applies to a claim whilst the vessel is moored on a marina berth.


Cover Options


Our fully comprehensive cover provides insurance for accidental losses and damage to your vessel. It also includes liability cover, which is essential for you to launch and moor your vessel in harbours and marinas around the UK and abroad.


This is the minimum level of cover required by marinas and harbours in order to be able to launch or moor your vessel. Third party cover will provide cover for accidental damage to other vessels only.

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