25 October 2019

Ramsgate Week competition winner says experience will be a ‘lasting memory’

By Euromarine
Group pf people on a boat at sea

As the winners of the Euromarine Insurance Ramsgate Week competition, David Francis and his wife Rose were delighted to get the opportunity to set sail with the Royal Temple Yacht Club commodore, Andy Beaumont-Hope.

As well as a night’s stay at the yacht club, a dinner out, the sailing experience they won included helping the Commodore and his crew sail in the first Autumn Series Race last month.

Mr Francis won the prize as part of a promotion Euromarine ran for Ramsgate Week, held in July this year. The company was proud to be headline sponsor for the first time.

As Mr Francis explains: “Rose and I had a fantastic day and our first ever race aboard Principessa will be a lasting memory we will never forget. We would very much like to thank Andy, Sarah, Euromarine Insurance and the Royal Temple Yacht Club for their fantastic hospitality.”

Hayley Avis, director of Euromarine Insurance, says: ‘It’s great to see David and Rose had such a wonderful time sailing as winners of the competition we ran for Euromarine Insurance Ramsgate Week.’

Stay tuned for further exciting news on Ramsgate Week!

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