12 January 2022

Broadstairs, home to Euromarine, steeped in Viking history!

By Lauren Evans Assistant Manager

You might have recently seen our new Viking avatar and have been wondering how it is relevant to The Euromarine crew and all that we offer?  So here is a little history lesson for you about our origins…

The Euromarine Head Office is based in Broadstairs, Kent – a seaside town full to the brim of nostalgic, old-world, Viking and Pirate history! Now a ‘quaint’, ‘pleasant’ or even ‘sleepy’ holiday town, Broadstairs had a violent past.

According to a mix of history and legendary stories, in 449AD, the Anglo Saxons (the Vikings) landed in Pegwell Bay before travelling north to help the King of the Britons, Vortigern, fight the Picts and Gaels in Scotland.

The Vikings defeated the Picts and Gaels and as a thank you for their services were gifted the Isle of Thanet where they then settled, making Broadstairs (then known as Bradstow or ‘Board Place’) their base, but as with all Vikings, they wanted more!

Several years of bloodshed would follow, with many casualties on both sides.  Eventually Hengist, one of the Vikings leading the rampage against Vortigern, won. Vortigern surrendered Kent and Hengist became ‘King of Kent’.

A replica of the Viking Ship ‘Hugin’ is on permanent display on the cliff top at Pegwell Bay (see our colleaugue Joe at the site below). 1,500 years after Hengist‘s reign, this replica was actually rowed across the North Sea in 1949 and landed at was then called Main Bay in Broadstairs – now renamed Viking Bay in honour of this event.

So there you have it, a little bit of history on Ancient Brittan and our little seaside town.  Viking blood still very much flows through the town to this day.

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